Anushka to bear more tortures in Laado 2


Tai ji creates a big scene when Anushka tells Tai ji’s crime to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj confronts Tai ji. Tai ji gets cunning and lies to him. Yuvraaj comes in her words. She cooks a story in front of Yuvraaj. She complains about Anushka. Anushka denies the blames. Yuvraaj doesn’t trust her. He asks Anushka if she is doing this to divide his family. Tai ji gets happy. She tells Balwant that Yuvraaj will never believe Anushka now. Balwant praises her smartness.

Anushka helps Yuvraaj in his work. She says your family is using your misunderstanding, I won’t get anything by lies. He says maybe you have come back to complete Amma ji’s work. Yuvraaj gets hurt. Anushka cares for his wound. They have a moment. She loves him a lot. She is bearing all the tortures with a hope that he will change one day. Yuvraaj respects and trusts Balwant a lot, since Balwant has raised him with love. He doesn’t know Balwant’s true face.


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