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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ishqbaaz: Tej disowns Omkara and Gauri. He tells the family that he has no terms with his son and daughter-in-law anymore. Its only because of Tia’s plottings. Tej does final rites of Gauri. Tej vents out his anger on Gauri. Dadi asks Tej to stop it. Tej holds Gauri responsible for breaking father-son. He says Gauri is dead for me, she is not Omkara’s wife now, she is not our bahu. He throws out Gauri from the house. Dadi tells Tej that Gauri can’t leave, as she is a part of family. Omkara asks Tej to leave his foolishness. Omkara doesn’t want anyone to snatch Gauri’s rights. Tej tells everyone that he can’t tolerate Gauri’s loyalty for Shivay and Anika. The Oberoi mansion has divided.

Tu Sooraj MSPJ:

Uma Shankar gets arrested. Kanak asks Ved to help her out in freeing Uma. Maasa tells police that Paulmi died because of Uma, she was madly in love with Uma. Kanak tells Ved that Maasi is lying. Maasi has played a big game. Paulmi fakes death. Ved checks the evidences, which are against Paulmi. Maasi doesn’t want Uma to get saved. Vansh stops Ved from arresting Uma. Bhabho doesn’t understand anything. She hopes Kanak and Uma get saved from this trouble. Vansh and Ved fight because of Kanak.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul’s truth gets known to Mandira. Bulbul has taken an old woman’s disguise. Mandira exposes Bulbul’s truth to Vijay. Sankranti puja and celebrations bring Mandira and Vijay closer. Vijay gets angry on Bulbul’s cheat. Mandira proves Bulbul wrong. Bulbul tries to prove her innocence. She fails miserably. Vijay vents out anger on her. Vijay makes Bulbul out of his house.


Neil and Avni will get together to tackle Vidyut and Ragini pandit. Avni passes information to Neil. They both want to fail Ragini Pandit. Avni wants to inform Neil about Neela’s kidnapping. Neil gets Avni’s letter. He realizes Vidyut has kidnapped Neela. He plans a press conference. He tries to make his reply reach Avni by the news. He realizes he has done much wrong with Avni. He is sure that Avni will see the news and also receive his message. He doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes.

Meri Durga:
Durga gets trapped by Sanjay again. She falls in a big mess when Sanjay blames her for bribing a senior officer of the sports association. The women protest against Durga. The women drag Durga out of the house. They try to blacken Durga’s face. Durga stops the women and tells them how her husband has cheated her. She vents out her frustration. She tells them that her husband has tried to stain her character and punished her when she was never at fault. The women apologize and leave, Durga fails Sanjay’s plan. Durga didn’t expect that Sanjay will fall so low. Sanjay is getting influenced by Aarti. Durga gets worried. She thinks of her childhood. She replies back to all of his planning.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Abhimanyu dances in Nimki’s sangeet. Nimki spreads happiness in her family. Nimki is madly in love with Babbu. She never realizes Abhimanyu’s feelings for her. Abhimanyu hides his sorrow behind his smile. Nimki considers him a friend and hugs him. She doesn’t know Tetar Singh’s family is planning against her. Abhimanyu has a doubt that Tetar has hidden intentions behind accepting Nimki in his family.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi asks Adhiraj not to do the dangerous ritual, which can take his life. Adhiraj gets superstitious in an attempt to get a child. Devi asks Adhiraj not to get fooled by any fraud saint. She stops him from believing the superstitions. He doesn’t listen to her. She asks him to believe her beliefs. He just thinks for his child. Devi gets more guilty that she lied about her pregnancy. Maasa played this trick so that Devi accepts her lie in front of Adhiraj. Devi proves to Adhiraj that the saint is a fraud. Urmi stops Devi on the way and snatches the phone from her. Devi meets with an accident.


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