Bharadwaj family to lose Roshni in Sasural Simar Ka


Police informs Bharadwaj family about Roshni’s death. Prem and Simar get a big shock. Inspector tells them that they didn’t get Roshni’s dead body, but there are no chances of her survival after she has fallen down the cliff. Piyush loses his temper and shouts on police. He threatens of committing suicide. He believes Roshni is fine. He wants to go and find Roshni. Simar and Prem try to stop him. Piyush tells them that Roshni is calling him. They all try to explain Piyush. Prem and Sameer catch hold of Piyush and take the knife away. Prem ties up Piyush and locks him in the room.

Piyush is losing his mind. He gets mad just to get back Roshni. Simar tells them that they shouldn’t call Piyush mad, he is very sensible, he loves Roshni a lot, they should support Piyush in such times. He tells Prem that he can’t understand what a mum goes through. Prem apologizes to Simar. They get together to manage their son.


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