KaiRa’s child news to trouble Dadi in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's big surprise for Kartik

Kartik learns Naira’s innocence and breaks out the truth to everyone about Sakshi and Raghav’s relation. The family’s trust on Naira gets back. Kartik and Naira spend some golden moments. A pandit predicts that Kartik and Naira will soon have a baby girl. He tells Goenkas that very soon the family will get a new member. Kartik and Naira think if they are prepared to become parents. Dadi doesn’t like to welcome a baby girl. She worries for having a heir. She tells pandit that she has no problem with a baby girl, but she wants a baby boy to take the family ahead. Dadi asks him to give a solution. He suggests a tough thing, and asks Dadi to try if she can. Dadi and Surekha get together in solving the problem. Pandit tells Aryan about his kundli dosh, which got cured by Suwarna’s kundli.

Naira teases Kartik that he will soon become a dad. He tells her that he is not prepared to have a child so soon. Naira asks him to call Manish as Papa. He gets practicing. Naira learns about Dadi and Surekha’s search and unknowingly helps them. She doesn’t know about their narrow thinking.

Dadi tells Naira that she will also visit Singhanias. She hides the fact that she is going there for her motive. Singhanias welcome Goenkas with a big heart. They decide to forget whatever happened in recent days. Dadi wishes Kartik and Naira have a baby boy. She gets ready to do tough remedies as suggested by the pandit. Singhanias celebrate Makar Sankranti with Goenkas. Naksh finds hard to forgive Dadi. Dadi apologizes to everyone. Naira too wishes for a new start. She requests Naksh to forget everything. Kartik tries to fulfill his dream by calling Manish Papa. Aryan creates hurdles in Kartik’s way.


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