Chakor to turn bitter towards Suraj in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Suraj tries to recall his past. He fails to recall Chakor. Chakor tells him that even she doesn’t remember him now. She tells him that he has done wrong after disrespecting her. She says I was your Chakor before, I couldn’t live without you, but there is no relation between us now. Suraj says I m not able to recall, even when I try much, I want to recollect the past and help you. Suraj feels bad when Chakor gets away from him. Chakor and her parents regret to have relations with Suraj. They pray at the temple. Suraj feels some connection with Chakor.

Suraj angrily hits the tree and hurts himself. He gets Chakor’s dupatta piece in his belongings and ties it to his hand. Chakor sees him and recalls the jail moment. Suraj tells her that he got the cloth in his belongings. Chakor doesn’t keep any hopes from Suraj.

On the other hand, Ranvijay tortures a man. Imli and Ranvijay fear that the villagers are getting out of their hands. The villagers celebrate Makar Sankranti. They get prepared to celebrate the festival. They have no money to buy kites. The kids get upset. The ladies cook khichdi for everyone. Chakor finds a solution and tells the kids that this time they will make the kites themselves. She asks them not to get upset if they can’t buy the kites, they can make kites and fly. The villagers tell her that they don’t know making kites. She tells them that they will fly kites once they do the puja. She teaches them kite making. She does Suryadev’s puja. The villagers pray for their prosperity. Chakor doesn’t forgive Suraj. Her heart is very much in pain because of his bad deed. She tries to forget Suraj and move on in life to look after the welfare of the villagers.


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