A huge shock comes Anami’s way in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami makes an escape plan. Adhiraj helps them out and tells them that they will leave early morning. He wants to take Anami’s family far from Lal Mahal’s reach. Anami thanks Adhiraj for his help. He asks Adhiraj to let her go out and pray, as its her devotion inclination. She prepares to attend an aarti. Satrupa’s men keep an eye on Anami, while someone else comes there to hurt Anami. Anami and her brother leave for the aarti, while Adhiraj guards her family.

A goon plants a bomb at Kailash’s house to kill Anami and her family. Aarti gets peace after the puja. She gets to see Satrupa’s men, who insist her to talk to Satrupa. Satrupa threatens Anami about her family and asks her to return to Lal Mahal. Anami doesn’t agree to Satrupa. She sticks to her decision. She gets a big shock when she finds Kailash’s house on fire. She realizes her parents were inside. Anami holds Satrupa responsible for this. Satrupa gets worried for Anami’s safety.

Adhiraj strives hard to save Anami’s parents. Anami barges into the burning house to save them. Satrupa learns about the fire incident. The man tells her that Anami has jumped into the fire and didn’t come out till now. Satrupa refuses to believe that Anami is in danger. Anami finds Adhiraj inside and asks him about her parents. Adhiraj sends Anami to her parents and tries to nab the culprit to know the mastermind behind the attack. Anami gets a big relief finding her parents alive.

The man tells Adhiraj about the woman who hired him for this work. Adhiraj asks him to speak out the name. Satrupa worries for Anami’s life. She has high hopes that Anami is fine. She decides to leave for Banaras and get Anami back. Sudha learns the risk on Anami’s life. Satrupa becomes a culprit in Anami’s eyes, while the goon was naming Sudha. The goon gets shot before he could reveal Sudha’s name. Anami starts hating Satrupa more. Adhiraj realizes the things are going out of hand.


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