Neil and Avni to have a secret support in Naamkarann


Ragini Pandit creates troubles for Avni. She tells Avni that she will face the punishment by her hands now. She influences the prisoners into humiliating and hurting Avni. Avni gets injured by the prisoners. Ragini Pandit tells Avni that she will keep on hitting on her to break her down. Avni gains strength from Neil’s love. Avni thinks of Neil and keeps her mind calm and composed. Neil tries to help Avni in a secret way. He makes his message reach Avni through a news channel interview. Avni gets glad seeing Neil fine and alert like before. Neil’s reputation gets saved by Avni’s efforts.

Neil tells Avni that he will always protect her and he has much trust in her, he will get every lost thing back. Avni understands his words. He tells her that very soon he will find Neela. Avni too tries to secretly respond Neil. Jailer tells Avni that her freedom doesn’t exist now, she will be limited to her cell. Avni gets treated like a dangerous criminal. She bears the tortures just for Neil’s sake.

Neil meets Vidyut. Vidyut compliments Neil’s bravery. He asks Neil to call his wife while he felicitates him. He taunts Neil about losing his wife. Neil doesn’t get affected by Vidyut’s poor comments. Jailer gives a tough task to Avni. She asks Avni to tell them the flaws of the jail and increase the security. Jailer tortures Avni on Ragini Pandit’s saying. Avni takes the task in her favor. Jailer asks Avni to make an escape plan along Ragini Pandit. Avni learns the jailer is working for Vidyut. Avni gets compelled to run away along Ragini Pandit. She tries hard to inform Neil. Vidyut plans to provoke Neil and make him commit something wrong.


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