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    Naamkarann: Ragini Pandit creates troubles for Avni. She tells Avni that she will face the punishment by her hands now. She influences the prisoners into humiliating and hurting Avni. Avni gets injured by the prisoners. Ragini Pandit tells Avni that she will keep on hitting on her to break her down. Avni gains strength from Neil’s love. Avni thinks of Neil and keeps her mind calm and composed. Neil tries to help Avni in a secret way. He makes his message reach Avni through a news channel interview. Avni gets glad seeing Neil fine and alert like before. Neil’s reputation gets saved by Avni’s efforts.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami makes an escape plan. Adhiraj helps them out and tells them that they will leave early morning. He wants to take Anami’s family far from Lal Mahal’s reach. Anami thanks Adhiraj for his help. He asks Adhiraj to let her go out and pray, as its her devotion inclination. She prepares to attend an aarti. Satrupa’s men keep an eye on Anami, while someone else comes there to hurt Anami. Anami and her brother leave for the aarti, while Adhiraj guards her family.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan really repents for spoiling Ahana and Anant’s relationship. He sticks by Ahana’s side and takes care of her. Ahana and Rehaan talk about Saloni. She thanks him for all his concern. Ahana gets sorrowful over her terms with Anant spoiling with time. Karan gets upset with Roshni for hiding about Laila’s accident from Anant. He tells her that hatred shouldn’t blind a person so much that a person forgets right and wrong. He asks her where is the Roshni he knew. He asks her to think about Laila’s life. Roshni feels sorry. He tells her that now when she has realized her mistake, they should see Laila at the hospital.


    Omkara and Gauri arrive at Shivay’s house. Gauri sheds tears. Shivay asks the problem. Omkara and Gauri reveal what happened. Shivay learns about Gauri’s Shraddh done by Tej. Shivay and Anika decide to keep Rudra and Bhavya’s togetherness function. Shivay calls up Dadi to talk about Tej. Pinky answers the call and gets emotional talking to her son. She asks him to come back home. He asks her about Gauri’s Shraddh. He tells her that its not good times anymore, the family is really breaking up. He asks her if she tried to stop Tej from doing Gauri’s Shraddh.


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