Naamkarann: Avni concurs to Vidyut’s plan


Avni becomes target of Ragini pandit once again. Avni gets blackmailed by Vidyut and his mum. She gets caught by jailer when she tries to message Neil. She plans to run away from the jail. She gets worried for Neela. Ragini pandit says Neela will be troubled, they will no more dance on her fingers. She asks Avni did she see Neela’s video. Avni gets angry and agrees to help Ragini pandit in escaping.

She tells her that they will run together at night, but nothing should happen to Neela. Avni checks the jail boundaries to know how can she run away. Sunehri keeps an eye on Avni. The inmates hate Avni for trapping them and changing their lives. Sunehri informs the jailer about Avni’s attempt. Avni fails to explain the inmates that she is helpless to escape from the jail.


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