Nimki Mukhiya: A kidnapping drama to interrupt Nimki’s marriage


Nimki gets dressed as the bride. She waits for Babbu. She gets tensed regarding her makeup. She makes her aunts do the touch up again and again. She learns the baraat has come her home. She gets excited and asks about Babbu’s looks. They tell her that Babbu is looking very handsome. Nimki tells them that she will also see the groom and baraat. They ask her to sit in the room and let them see the baraat. Nimki says groom is mine, you all are stopping me from seeing him. They ask Nimki not to see the groom, as she will be seeing him all her life after marriage. Nimki turns shy.

Her dream is getting fulfilled. She is very confident. She knew she will get married into a rich house. She feels she is lucky. Nimki goes to see Babbu. A kidnapping twist will create a hurdle in the marriage. Nimki’s marriage will get stopped by Babbu’s mum. Abhimanyu gets concerned for Nimki and warns her against Tetar’s intentions.


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