TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth and Teni go ahead for their marriage. Teni has many dreams for her new life. Teni has been waiting for this day since long. Parth compliments Teni. Bhanushalis get happy. The family wanted Parth and Teni to live together and raise their daughter. Indu takes Teni to the mandap. Parth and Teni exchange the garlands Jaimala ritual. They take seven rounds and vows of marriage. Parth and Teni get married. Shorvori comes home and sees the guests. She wonders what’s happening. She then realizes Parth has married Teni. Shorvori receives a big shock.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan and Diya’s relation gets a new start. Ratan surprises Diya. He makes her feel special. Diya’s farewell gets celebrated. Ratan and the family are happy that the danger on Ratan’s life has ended, and now Diya can live her own life. Ratan says everyone got free from Diya now. Diya cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Diya likes the cake. Ratan tells her that he will miss her, but he is happy that she will not boss around, he can go to pubs and party, he is free now. Diya laughs on his plannings.


Laado 2:

Yuvraaj’s sister Komal gets kidnapped. Yuvraaj gets to know this. The man tells Yuvraaj how he was beaten up when he tried to save Komal. Choudhary family gets angry knowing their enemy has dared to do this. Yuvraaj tells the family that their small mistake can become a big risk for Komal, he will solve this mess and find Komal. He does the aid to the man. Anushka helps Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj gets a CD. They see a CD and get worried. The blame comes on Anushka. Tai ji hurts Anushka. Anushka gets determined to save Komal.


Ranvir’s plotting gets fulfilled. He has married Anchal. Anchal gets troubled by her mum in law. Anchal learns Ranvir’s feelings for her. Ranvir has won her. He has taken her consent to marry her again. Anchal’s grahpravesh happens by all rituals. Sarika advises Anchal to keep relations with trust. She says everything happens for good, Ranvir doesn’t trust me, but I hope you will have trust on me. She tells her about Kabir’s mum. She asks Anchal to go to the temple with Kabir.


Kartik wins the kite challenge and keeps a condition to Aryan. He makes him call Suwarna as Maa. Kartik too calls Manish as Papa. Manish and Suwarna get a beautiful surprise by their sons. Naitik returns and brings happiness in the family. Naitik flies the kite with his children. Dadi asks Kartik and Naira to light diyas. Kartik goes to get a kite with love for Naira. He falls down when the kite gets stuck in the tree. Kartik romances Naira. He jumps on the trampoline and reaches Naira’s balcony to shower gifts on her. He gives her flowers and confesses love. Naira gets glad.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan and Pankti come home. They have a romantic moment. Ahaan sets a room for Pankti. He asks Pankti to adjust in Kaira’s room for few days, till he decorates her place. He is trying his best to make her feel comfortable. He tells her that they are going to start a new chapter in their lives, they should make new memories. He takes a selfie with her.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki gets dressed as the bride. She waits for Babbu. She gets tensed regarding her makeup. She makes her aunts do the touch up again and again. She learns the baraat has come her home. She gets excited and asks about Babbu’s looks. They tell her that Babbu is looking very handsome. Nimki tells them that she will also see the groom and baraat. They ask her to sit in the room and let them see the baraat. Nimki says groom is mine, you all are stopping me from seeing him. They ask Nimki not to see the groom, as she will be seeing him all her life after marriage. Nimki turns shy.


Avni becomes target of Ragini pandit once again. Avni gets blackmailed by Vidyut and his mum. She gets caught by jailer when she tries to message Neil. She plans to run away from the jail. She gets worried for Neela. Ragini pandit says Neela will be troubled, they will no more dance on her fingers. She asks Avni did she see Neela’s video. Avni gets angry and agrees to help Ragini pandit in escaping.


Suraj tries to recall his past. He fails to recall Chakor. Chakor tells him that even she doesn’t remember him now. She tells him that he has done wrong after disrespecting her. She says I was your Chakor before, I couldn’t live without you, but there is no relation between us now. Suraj says I m not able to recall, even when I try much, I want to recollect the past and help you. Suraj feels bad when Chakor gets away from him. Chakor and her parents regret to have relations with Suraj. They pray at the temple. Suraj feels some connection with Chakor.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Police informs Bharadwaj family about Roshni’s death. Prem and Simar get a big shock. Inspector tells them that they didn’t get Roshni’s dead body, but there are no chances of her survival after she has fallen down the cliff. Piyush loses his temper and shouts on police. He threatens of committing suicide. He believes Roshni is fine. He wants to go and find Roshni. Simar and Prem try to stop him. Piyush tells them that Roshni is calling him. They all try to explain Piyush. Prem and Sameer catch hold of Piyush and take the knife away. Prem ties up Piyush and locks him in the room.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Maasi plays her last move and poisons Uma. She feeds him the poisonous laddoos. She tells Uma that he has to die now. Uma gets a huge shock seeing Maasi’s truth. He asks Maasi why did she give him poison when he always considered and loved her as his mum. Maasi reveals that she is doing everything for money. She asks Kanak what will she do to save Uma’s life. Kanak gets worried for his life.


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