Ishita to don an unseen avatar in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita not to meet Raman, if she really cares for his life. He thinks Ishita is responsible for Raman’s tension. He doesn’t want his son’s life to fall in risk. The family stays worried for Raman, who slipped in a critical state because of the chaos rising at home. Ishita stays with Raman till he recovers. Raman misunderstands Ishita when she starts avoiding him. He feels she doesn’t care for him at all. Raman gets hurt and misses her. Ishita gets hindrance in her aim because of her promise given to Mr. Bhalla, that she will never show her face to Raman. She comes up with an idea to take a different identity and hide her face under a ghunghat, to keep up her promise and also fulfill her goals.

Shanno will be making an entry in Bhalla house. Everyone gets surprised seeing the Rajasthani traditional woman. Shagun worries that Shanno’s secret can come out. Shagun supports Ishita. Shagun introduces Shanno to everyone. She tells them that she has met Shanno during her NGO work.

Ishita takes Shanno’s avatar to get back in Raman’s life. Ishita hides her identity from Simmi and Parmeet. Raman meets Shanno and hires her as the house maid. Ishita aims to find out by what mode is Simmi giving the wrong medicines to Raman. She wants to stop the harmful pills and take charge of Bhalla house. Ishita has to protect Raman from hidden enemies. Ishita is hopeful that Raman will be in all his senses very soon. She plans to give memory recovery pills to Raman. Will Ishita as Shanno succeed in her goals? Keep reading.


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