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YRKKH: Singhanias and Goenkas celebrate Makar Sankranti with double excitement. The families like Naitik’s return surprise. They celebrate the function with their usual singing and dancing, along with flying the kites. They have a fun competition between the two families. Naira and Kartik spend some romantic moments. Dadi too gets in the fun. She unknowingly drops her purse. She gets worried when the shank falls out. Surekha keeps Dadi’s secret. She hides the shank from Naira and family. Naira fails to see the shank with Dadi. Dadi thanks Surekha for her timely help.


Ruhi scolds the employees. She gets too rude to them, which makes them do a harsh thing. They lock up Ruhi in the store room to teach her a lesson. Ruhi understands the employees have done this. She gets too angry. Adi learns the employees’ mistake. They all clarify their move. Adi gets Ruhi out of the store room. He explains her work ethics. He tells her that she can’t treat her employees in a bad way. He asks her to understand her employees and make them turn in her favor again. Ruhi then apologizes to her employees. She understands them and tries to work together.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Anami and her foster family slip in trauma after witnesses a goon’s death. Adhiraj saves their lives and becomes an angel in their eyes. They get thankful to Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks them not to thank him. Adhiraj stays with them to protect. Anami gets revengeful against Satrupa. The fire incident news reaches Lal Mahal. Satrupa worries for Anami’s life. Baldev and family blame Satrupa for everything, since they know Satrupa’s anger has no limits. They all hold Satrupa responsible for showing them such day. Satrupa tells them that she didn’t do anything to harm Anami. She just wanted to protect Anami.


Avni tries her best to inform Neil about Ragini Pandit’s plans. She gets a current shock just to get her hands on the phone, by which she can message Neil. She fails to get the phone because of Ragini Pandit, who compels her to execute the escape plan. Neil and his family grace Vidyut’s party. Vidyut welcomes Neil with a big heart. He offers a drink to Neil. He adds drugs in the drink, having a vicious plan against Neil. Vidyut then starts provoking Neil. He takes advantage and tries to show Neil in bad light in front of the commissioner. Neil dances in the party. He then vents out his frustration on Vidyut. He tells Vidyut that he hates him to the limits.


Shivay gets dizzy and faints down, while the family worries for him. Omkara and Rudra get emotional and worry for their beloved brother. Anika tells Shivay that she can’t afford to lose him. Anika rushes to seek help from Veer. Omkara and Rudra try to revive Shivay to senses. Anika tells them that Dr. Veer can treat Shivay. Anika asks Veer to come along and check Shivay, who fainted suddenly. Veer gets glad that Shivay is dead, all thanks to the poison he fed Shivay. He starts eyeing Anika with a hope of living a future together. He declares Shivay dead, which shocks the family members. Anika asks Veer to check Shivay again, he isn’t right. Veer asks her to understand Shivay has left them. Anika angrily slaps him.


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