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Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki hears the baraat. She tries to see Babbu. She tries to see him once before reaching the mandap. Babbu’s mum sends the goons to kidnap Nimki. They get mistaken and kidnap Nimki’s sister. Nimki proceeds to the mandap. Her arrival comes as a shocker for Babbu’s mum, who doesn’t want to make Nimki her daughter-in-law.

Naitik has seen Dadi stealing the shank from their house. Naksh asks Naitik where is the shank. Naitik asks Naksh not to tell anything to Naira and Kirti, they would get hurt. Naitik tells the family that Dadi has taken the shank, but he doesn’t know the motive. Naksh asks him why would Dadi do this. Naksh asks Kirti if she knows anything about Dadi’s deed. Kirti tells Singhanias that she is clueless. Dadi takes a stand for having her heir. The family doesn’t know Dadi’s motives. Dadi’s wish can spoil Kartik and Naira’s happiness. Kartik doesn’t want to believe Dadi’s superstitions. Kartik thanks Aryan for helping them know about Dadi’s deed.


Avni makes a plan to hurt Ragini Pandit. Sunehri gets injured instead. Ragini Pandit and Avni have a fight. Avni frames Ragini Pandit in the crime. She feels bad for hurting Sunehri. Ragini Pandit loses her cool and attacks Avni. Avni provokes her more, to show who’s falling in the bad light. She gets Ragini Pandit punished. Avni wants to trouble her. Avni gets electrocuted in order to fail Ragini Pandit’s plans. When Ragini Pandit threatens her about Neela, Avni teaches her a lesson.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti stays with Ahaan’s family. Ahaan tries to make her feel comfortable. Pankti gets tensed when she serves the food to JD. Ahaan holds her hand and teases her. Pankti gets mistaken that JD is troubling her and reacts intensely. The family worries for Pankti, while JD tries to keep his good image. Ahaan tells Pankti that he is always with her. He has to bring her out of JD’s fear from her mind.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi searches for Deep and Tara. She reaches Shimla. She wants to take revenge from them. She gets to see a similar bungalow. She gets information from some kids, who help her and spy on Deep. She tries to find out Deep’s background and weaknesses, so that she can step into his house and confront him.

Piyaa Albela:

Naina knew that Pooja was never mad and had killed Mr. Kapoor in all her senses. Naina acts friendly to Naren. She can’t see Naren and Pooja together. Naren breaks the thread which Guru ji has tied to Naren and Pooja. Naren goes to Naina. They have a talk. Naina takes care of him and feeds him food. She sees Pooja watching. She makes Pooja jealous. Naren gets emotionally blackmailed by Naina. Naren doesn’t like to hear any old incidents. He gets angry knowing about Pooja’s past. Naren is upset that Pooja is hiding a big thing and giving it more value than their relationship. He is not able to trust Pooja.

Laado 2:

Anushka returns to Yuvraaj’s house. She saves Komal from Amma ji. She gets Komal home. Yuvraaj holds Anushka responsible. He yells on her. He is much angry by the fear of losing his sister. He doesn’t know that Komal has lied to them about Amma ji’s involvement in her kidnapping.


Ranvijay cheers for Imli, when she competes with Chakor. Chakor wins the competition. Imli’s kite gets cut. The villagers laugh on Imli. Ranvijay asks Imli why is she leaving. Imli says I m going to get my kite, as I have lost. The villagers are glad and hopeful that Chakor will win the elections. They all praise Chakor and want her as their minister. Imli gets her kite. She tells them that she is happy to lose to Chakor. She does a drama, so that the villagers believe her again. She says I hate my defeat as much as I hate Chakor, but I m happy seeing the kids happy, I will distribute the sweets and gifts, I will keep a competition between kids and give a reward to the winner. She makes the kids come ahead and participate. Chakor understands its Imli’s political move.


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