Parth to support Teni adapt a new role in Dil Se Dil Tak

Teni and Shovrori in Dil Se Dil Tak

Teni’s grah-pravesh happens in Bhanushali house. Parth and the entire family are happy with Teni’s entry as bahu of the house. Teni is guided throughout the rituals. She does a mistake by hitting the kalash too far. The family is very happy. They welcome their new bahu. Indu blesses the newly weds. She does their aarti. Teni gets worried when Kaki asks her to remember she is bahu of the house. Kaki tells Teni that she has to fulfill everyone’s expectations as an ideal bahu. Dadi asks Teni not to worry and step inside the house.

Teni gets tensed knowing about the many responsibilities coming on her shoulders. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s hears. Teni is not the same cheerful and carefree girl as before. She feels she has to behave well and stay alert now. Indu realizes her inhibitions and asks Teni not to take stress about anything. She makes Teni smile. Parth tells Teni that the family knows her well and she also knows everyone, so there won’t be anything different, their equations will be same. Teni thinks she was a surrogate before and now she is a bahu, much has changed in her life. Parth helps him in adapting to new changes.


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