Piyush denies to acknowledge Roshni’s death in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush is unable to bear separation with Roshni. He talks to Roshni’s picture. He feels Roshni is alive. He asks Roshni to come back. He promises to make everything fine. Simar sees Piyush in sorrow. Prem and Sameer feel Piyush is getting mad. They tie up Piyush. Simar scolds them for not understanding Piyush, who begs them to let him go and find Roshni. Prem tells Piyush that they all are with him, they love him a lot. Simar gets food for Piyush. She frees him. He asks Simar if Roshni is fine, would she have food. Simar tells him that Roshni would be fine and she would be wishing Piyush to stay fine too.

She gives him false hopes and makes him eat the food. She goes to get water for Piyush. Piyush leaves from the house. He goes in search of Roshni. Simar doesn’t find Piyush in his room. Simar tells the family that she was feeding Piyush, but he left. The family gets together to find Piyush. They accepted that Roshni is dead. They don’t want to lose Piyush as well. A leap of six months will be shown. Simar sheds tears. She misses Piyush, who has gone missing. Simar loses her son. She celebrates Piyush’s birthday and cries for him. She wishes Piyush returns home soon. Prem and Mata ji console Simar.


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