Chakor’s kidnapping to rekindle romance in Udaan


Suraj kidnaps Chakor. He ties her to the tree so that she can’t run off. He has to kill her. Their car breaks down. She tells him that even if mechanic tried to fix the car, its not working. Suraj asks her to just shut up. He tells her that her verbal spat is making him lose his mind. She tells him that this always happens when they travel together. He frees Chakor and seeks help from her. They try to push the car. She tries to escape.

She runs away. Suraj chases her in the forest. She doesn’t want her husband to commit the crime of killing her. She prays that Suraj gets his memory back. Suraj finally catches her. Chakor tries to remind their love. Suraj flows in emotions. She says I know you are taking me away from Aazaadgunj to kill me, but your plan will flop like always. He asks her to get quiet and stop bothering him. He fails to hurt her. They have a romantic moment. The kidnapping twist brings them closer. Imli wants Chakor dead, so that she has no contender in elections.

Suraj and Chakor get trapped by the tribals. They fall inside a pit. The tribals were finding a runaway couple. Chakor tells them that they are not lovers, they are husband and wife. Suraj denies it. The tribals ask Chakor to prove that she is married. Chakor fails to show sindoor and mangalsutra. Chakor asks Suraj to prove her words true. He gets puzzled. Chakor asks Suraj to reciprocate her love. They kiss each other to prove their love. The tribals get convinced. Suraj’s dilemma gets higher. He thinks Chakor knows he has got her to kill, but she is still saving his life. Suraj doesn’t want to kill Chakor.


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