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YRKKH: Kartik learns that Dadi has stolen the shank so that Naira and he can have a son, that can take the family ahead. He feels disgusting. He announces that he will never have a child. He tells Dadi that this is the only way to end her selfishness. Kartik’s decision hurts the family. Kartik explains Naira that he doesn’t want to become a father ever, as their relation means everything to him. Naira feels sorry on her stand. The family blames Naira. They believe Kartik always blindly follows Naira. Dadi creates an issue and calls Kartik a wife’s puppet. She scolds Naira for controlling Kartik always. Naira gets aback by Dadi’s accusations. Kartik takes a stand for Naira. He tells Dadi that he supports Naira as she is right. He consoles Naira. She gets crying and tells Kartik that he is free to take his decisions. He pacifies her thoughts.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj gives divorce papers to Devi. He throws out Devi from the house. Devi gets broken. She walks on the road. She loses hope. She cries out her defeat. Devi Maa visits Devi and guides her to tackle the problems.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Diya enjoys her pre-wedding functions. Diya and Ratan have a dance. They enjoy in the celebrations. Ratan finds her very happy. He gets flirting with some girl. Diya pulls his leg. Abhay’s sister Arpita comes home. She makes Ratan away from Diya. She tells him that he won’t have any rights of friendship on Diya after the marriage happens. She does the rituals with Diya. She tells Ratan that she hopes that he will not trouble them now. She has come to create a havoc in Diya’s life. Abhay wants revenge from Diya. Abhay and Arpita will trouble Diya.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki takes a shocking decision and refuses to marry Babbu. Ram Bachan gets a big shock. The families’ relations turn ugly. Nimki takes a stand for her self-esteem. She surrenders her happiness and dreams. She makes this sacrifice for everyone’s good. Nimki leaves with his dad from the venue. Tetar’s plans fail.


Anchal learns Ranvir’s obsession for her. Anchal pours milk on herself and tells Ranvir that this is not her love, but a charity done by Kabir to him. Ranvir learns Anchal has gone out with Kabir. He gets angry. He is afraid that Anchal will learn his planning and reject his love.

Avni had laid a trap for Ragini Pandit. Sunehri wanted to fail Avni’s plans. She falls in the trap and gets hurt by the glass pieces. She screams in pain. Avni is worried. She feels guilty. Avni repents for her mistake. Avni tells jailer that she can treat Sunehri in absence of the doctor. She talks to the doctor on video call and treats Sunehri. She does medical aid to Sunehri. Avni gets moral support by Neil. He motivates her and ends her fears. Avni does a doctor’s duty and saves Sunehri’s life.

Maharani learns about Mohini’s relation with Singh family. She takes help from Mohini. Maharani gets a phone from Mohini. Soumya holds Maharani. Maharani acts of getting a panic attack. Mohini lies to them that Maharani is her relative. She saves Maharani from Soumya’s suspicion. Mohini wants Soumya and Harman to suffer.


Suraj kidnaps Chakor. He ties her to the tree so that she can’t run off. He has to kill her. Their car breaks down. She tells him that even if mechanic tried to fix the car, its not working. Suraj asks her to just shut up. He tells her that her verbal spat is making him lose his mind. She tells him that this always happens when they travel together. He frees Chakor and seeks help from her. They try to push the car. She tries to escape.


Shivay and Anika plan Rudra and Bhavya’s pre-wedding functions. All the three couples play a game and try to bring the elders together. Shivay invites the family elders to get involved in the wedding functions heartily. He hopes the marriage functions will unite them. Shivay can’t see Omkara and Rudra’s family breaking because of his decision to leave the house. He wants them to enjoy the family love and togetherness. Shivay’s efforts go in vain.


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