Yuvraaj’s misunderstandings to grow more in Laado 2


Yuvraaj shoots towards Amma ji to shock her. He turns raging and threatens her. He tells Amma ji that he wants to take revenge for Komal’s kidnapping. Amma ji asks him why did he come, when he already has Anushka in his house. He blames her for ruining Komal’s life. Amma ji asks him did he go mad, Komal is absolutely fine. He scolds her for getting Komal molested by her men. She tells him that he is ill treating Anushka. Saroja tells Yuvraaj that she was with Komal, she took care of his sister. Saroja defends Amma ji, who can never hurt any girl.

Yuvraaj says I know what Amma ji can do. Amma ji tells Yuvraaj that she is not like him and Rantej, if he still has a doubt on her, he can kill her. Komal and Anushka come there to stop Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says I know Anushka has brainwashed Komal. Komal asks him to drop the gun. She accepts the lie. She says Amma ji didn’t do anything, they have taken care of me.

She apologizes for her lie. He asks the reason behind her lie. She tells him that she was helpless to lie, else the minister would have married him. She tells him that she doesn’t want to marry a criminal. Yuvraaj forgives her. He learns the truth from Komal. His anger on Amma ji stays intact. He accuses Amma ji for snatching his sister. Amma ji asks him to hurt her, but not Anushka. He tells her that Anushka has decided to repent for her sins, he is just helping her. He scolds Amma ji for killing his parents. Yuvraaj’s misunderstandings don’t get cleared. Anushka doesn’t face Amma ji and leaves with him.


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