Pooja to find Naren’s biological mother in Piyaa Albela


Naren is fighting for his life. Doctor tells the family that Naren needs a bone marrow treatment. Pooja looks for Naren’s real parents. She meets Naren’s mum. Pooja gets his mum to the hospital. She gets a dancer Chandrika there. Chandrika reveals to Pooja that Naren is her son, she was a dancer and didn’t have courage to raise a child, she has dropped Naren to the orphanage. Chandrika visits Naren and gets emotional. She feels bad seeing Naren in such a critical state.

Pooja requests the doctor that Chandrika’s identity shouldn’t get revealed. Chandrika didn’t wish Naren to grow up in a bad environment. She is happy that Naren is raised by good people. She tells Pooja that Naren shouldn’t know about her. Pooja understands her pain and concern. She promises to keep everything confidential. Chandrika goes ahead for helping Naren.


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