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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay tries to involve the elders in Rudra and Bhavya’s engagement. The treasure hunting finally ends. Rudra and Bhavya get the rings. Shivay arranges a video chat and connects to the family elders. He doesn’t let them miss the engagement function. Jhanvi and Pinky bless Rudra and Bhavya. Shivay tries to bring Jhanvi and Pinky together. The mothers’ presence make Obros emotional. The engagement ceremony goes on well. Shivay’s efforts succeed. Everyone congratulates Shivay for succeeding in his attempt. Shivay thanks Anika for always supporting him.


    Kartik stays upset with Dadi. Everyone forgets the matter and move on. They get busy in work. Kartik has a business discussion with Manish and Akhilesh. Aryan joins them happily. He feels ousted when no one considers him for work. Kartik finds Aryan upset. He tries to talk to Aryan and pacify. Naitik informs Naira about a big event. She gets prepared for the event. Naira finds time to work in her dance academy. She learns Dadi’s bitterness for her. Dadi feels Naira has turned Kartik into a puppet and ruined his life. Naira turns sad knowing Dadi’s thinking about her. She feels Dadi is judging her wrong.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan finds Ahana too depressed. He asks her what’s troubling her. Ahana tells him that her life has no motive left. She is sad that Anant has left her, he doesn’t care for her anymore. She sheds tears. Rehaan finds her right. He tries to connect to Anant and tell him about Ahana’s depression. Rehaan gets bothered by her broken heart. He tries to protect her. Ahana goes missing. Rehaan worries and searches for her everywhere. Rehaan finds her more shattered. Ahana takes the anti-depressant pills. Rehaan tries to seek help from Richa.


    Avni gets Ragini Pandit punished. She saves Sunehri’s life and gets praised. DD gives her a message from Neil. DD tries to tell her that Neil is finding Neela. He asks her to be strong and have hope always. Neil decides to find Neela. He sets out for his task. Bebe feels bad that Neil isn’t sharing anything with her. She worries that he has risked his life. She asks him if he is not thinking about his family now. Bebe tells him that she is proud of him, she knows his work. She promises to support him. Bebe takes care of him. Neil thanks her for lending support.


    Ishita gets saved from Simmi and Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla returns home. She spreads happiness by her coming. Ishita takes care of Mrs. Bhalla like before. Simmi introduces the new maid to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita gets glad to have her back. Ruhi worries for Raman’s reaction on knowing about the sudden expenses. She tells him that she has spent some cash to gift the employees for new years. Raman doesn’t scold her. He instead asks for his gift. Ruhi gifts him. Raman likes the gift a lot and praises her choice. He thanks Ruhi and Adi and clicks a picture with them. He tells them that he doesn’t remember their relation, but feels connected.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami returns to Lal Mahal to avenge Satrupa. She pours water on Satrupa and blows off the fire. Satrupa gets happy that Anami got pulled by a mother’s call. She hugs Anami. Anami vows to ruin Satrupa. Anami lies to the family that Madhu and Murari died in the fire incident. She tells them that she has come back to Lal Mahal to stay with them forever. Sudha gets angered knowing Anami is back. Narottam tells her that he will support only the right person. He sides with Anami. He ends ties with Sudha, finding her too selfish. He tells her that he is out of heir-ship race now.


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