Parth holds belief of Shorvori’s survival in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni makes food for Parth. She happily tells the family that she is going to meet Parth. She comes to his office with lunch. She finds him worried. She talks to him and finds him lost. She asks him what was he watching with so much concentration. He lies to her that he is working on a presentation. She asks him to have food, she is also hungry and wanted to dine with him. She asks him what’s bothering him. She explains him the meaning of friendship.

She says we are husband and wife later, but friends first, don’t know how will I react on the matter, just tell me what is it. He agrees. He shows her Shorvori in the news video. She too gets worried for Shorvori. She says we have done Shorvori’s final rites. She doesn’t know what’s happening.

They meet the person who has shot the video. The man talks ill about Shorvori. He raises a doubt on Shorvori’s character. Parth loses his temper and gets angry on the man. Parth gets the details about the footage. He decides to search for Shorvori. Parth wants to clear his doubts. He is not sure that Shorvori is alive, as he has done her final rites. He still has a hope that maybe he is thinking right. Teni supports Parth in his decision.


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