Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi’s gift to emotionally connect with Raman


Ishita gets saved from Simmi and Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla returns home. She spreads happiness by her coming. Ishita takes care of Mrs. Bhalla like before. Simmi introduces the new maid to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita gets glad to have her back. Ruhi worries for Raman’s reaction on knowing about the sudden expenses. She tells him that she has spent some cash to gift the employees for new years. Raman doesn’t scold her. He instead asks for his gift. Ruhi gifts him. Raman likes the gift a lot and praises her choice. He thanks Ruhi and Adi and clicks a picture with them. He tells them that he doesn’t remember their relation, but feels connected.

Ruhi gets emotional. Adi tries to remind Raman that they are related. Ruhi feels its too bad that Raman forgot his own children. She wishes everything changes to old time. She doesn’t want any enmity between Ishita and Bhallas. Adi is sure that Ishita will make everything fine. He prays that Ishita succeeds.

Ishita learns that Simmi is trying to find her background. She doesn’t understand how to control Simmi. She tries to search Simmi’s room and find out the harmful pills. Simmi gets doubtful about her. She asks Ishita to disclose her background details. She asks Ishita to keep her identity documents ready for police verification. Ishita worries. She tries to get help from Shagun. She asks Shagun to sort out her problem. Raman gets happy with Ruhi’s gift and shares it with family. He keeps the gift safe in the cupboard. Ishita finds him happy after many days. She gets hopeful. Raman catches a neck sprain. Ishita feels his pain and reaches him to help.


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