Meri Durga: Sanjay to meet with a fatal accident


Durga prepares for the race. She takes blessings from her Guru Gayatri. She tells Gayatri that she respects her a lot. Gayatri blesses her. Her heart towards Durga begins to melt. Aarti’s dad threatens Sanjay. Sanjay ends ties with Aarti. He tells Aarti that he could have exposed her crime, but he has saved her only for the sake of their old friendship. He counts Aarti’s mistakes. He decides to support Durga. Gayatri finds a change in Sanjay. She questions him about Durga. He tells her that he has to drop Durga to the stadium.

Sanjay offers help to Durga. She refuses to him. She doesn’t get a cab. She unwillingly takes lift from Sanjay. Aarti’s dad plans an attack on Sanjay to take revenge for the insult. Sanjay meets with an accident. Durga worries for his life. She struggles to save his life. Durga’s family reaches the stadium and waits for her. Durga finds Sanjay in the fatal state. She leaves her race and tries to take Sanjay to the hospital. She prays for Sanjay’s life. Aarti’s dad conspires to hurt Durga and fail her in the race. Aarti doesn’t want Durga to win. Durga doesn’t reach for the race, worrying her family.


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