Rehaan’s feelings knock a disturbance in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan gets determined to take Ahana to Goa. He calls Saloni for help. Saloni meets Ahana and convinces her to go to Goa with Rehaan. Saloni also wishes Ahana’s life to come back on track. She doesn’t want Ahana to stay depressed. She promises to look after Laila. She asks Ahana to live her life for herself. Ahana agrees for the trip. Rehaan thanks Saloni for convincing Ahana. Saloni too thanks him for thinking so much for Ahana and caring for her in Anant’s absence. He apologizes to Saloni for not keeping their relationship. Saloni doesn’t have any complains with him. She finds him a true soul. She asks him not to change ever. Rehaan plans the trip.

Ahana calls up Anant to inform him about the trip. Anant doesn’t oppose and permits her to go. Ahana feels he is no more concerned for her. She gets upset. Saloni tells Laila about Ahana’s sorrow. Laila worries for Ahana and Anant’s relationship, after learning that Ahana has gone out with Rehaan. Saloni tells her that she has sent Ahana for a change.

Laila feels Ahana’s decision to go is wrong. Rehaan and Ahana reach Goa. Rehaan’s love for her gets deeper. They have a moment. He limits his feelings from getting known to her. Her presence worries him. He starts staying away. He then realizes her depressed state. He plans to divert her and bring some happiness in her life. They go out for dinner. He imagines a lovely relationship with her. Ahana deeply misses Anant. She attempts to end her life again.


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