Pari to hurt Simar’s sentiments in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar and Mata ji get angry on Pari. They slap Pari, when she tells them that Piyush is dead. Simar tells Pari that she has a hope that her son is alive, he will come back home. Pari asks her to leave the false hope, it will hurt her more. Mata ji asks Pari how can she say this, being a mother. She asks did you not understand Simar’s pain, are you stone-hearted. Simar tells them that Piyush will surely come back. She tries to find out Piyush. Mata ji tells them that she will come along to find Piyush. Prem stops Mata ji. He asks her to rest at home, she can get unwell. Prem and Simar go to find Piyush. Simar promises to get Piyush home.

Mata ji blesses them. After Simar returns home, she gets to see Piyush’s mourning ceremony organized by Pari. Simar loses her cool and slaps Pari. She asks Pari does she have any shame or not. She tells the family that she has found Piyush. Prem gets Piyush home. Mata ji gets emotional seeing Piyush fine. She hugs Piyush. The family finds Piyush’s behavior kiddish and ask Simar about him. Simar reveals about Piyush’s memory loss. Pari comments on Piyush’s behavior. She asks Simar is this really Piyush or any fraud. Simar has belief that her son will recover.


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