Anami to express feelings to Adhiraj in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sudha and Satrupa have an argument. Sudha curses her while pretending to be blessing her. Satrupa doesn’t deter from her aims. She least cares for Sudha. Sudha teaches her motherhood. Satrupa asks Sudha why did she throw Narottam in Lal Mahal, is this the way a mother sees her own benefit and dumps her child. Sudha asks her not to involve Narottam in their argument. Satrupa warns her against hurting Anami. Sudha tries to win Baldev’s trust. She gets dramatic to get his sympathy. He understands Sudha’s sorrow. She begins to bond with him. Baldev feels she is really concerned for him, unlike Satrupa.

Anami tells Dada ji that she doesn’t want any property or business, she just wants his support. Dada ji agrees to mentor her through the tough chapters of life. Dada ji gets emotional by her speech. Anami wins his heart. Pujan gets worried that Anami is becoming dear to everyone.

Adhiraj informs Anami that her parents are fine. Anami misses her parents. She tells Adhiraj that she misses everything and even their togetherness. She thanks him for his support. She indirectly tells him that she misses him a lot. Adhiraj gets happy. He tells her that he can’t meet her, he doesn’t want any troubles for her. Adhiraj recalls his moments spent with Anami.

Anami and Lakshya prepare for the puja. Lakshya feels tired to act of losing his parents. He wants to play and smile freely. He doesn’t want to pretend more. Anami tells him that their drama is just to secure their parents. Sudha plans to test Anami. She tells Anami about the rituals, where Lakshya has to shave off his head and sacrifice his hair. Lakshya doesn’t want to go bald. Anami stops him from telling the truth. Sudha asks Lakshya to give up his hair for the peace of his parents’ souls. The family too supports Sudha’s advice. Anami finds hard to convince Lakshya. Lakshya refuses to shave off his head. Anami finds another solution. She tells the pandit that Lakshya can just cut down few hair strands, instead going bald. Satrupa plans to get Adhiraj arrested on charges of kidnapping a minor.


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