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    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Ahana cries for Anant, while Rehaan keeps thinking of Ahana. Rehaan’s mind gets too occupied, worrying for Ahana’s life. Roshni gives the good news to Rehaan. She tells him that Anant didn’t miss Ahana, he has moved on in life. Rehaan asks her what does she mean to say. Roshni tells him that Anant had signed the divorce papers, but he has torn the papers, maybe he is in dilemma. She wants to separate Anant and Ahana forever. Rehaan feels bad for Ahana. Roshni finds Ahana too selfish. She doesn’t know about Ahana’s depression. Rehaan scolds Roshni for troubling Ahana. Ahana gets to hear Rehaan and Roshni’s conversation. She gets upset knowing Anant has signed the divorce papers.


    Neil and Avni decode Neela’s message and realize Mishti is alive. Avni gets worried for Mishti. She wants to find Mishti. Neil calms her down. He tells her that he will find Mishti and pass this tough test of life. He asks her not to make any mistake of getting against him. He asks her to support him against their enemies. Avni promises of not breaking the law and hurting him. DD plans Ragini Pandit’s interrogation to ease out Neil and Avni’s meet. Neil then visits the police station and gets to see her interrogation.


    Kartik works on his presentation. He attends Naira’s work call, which makes Dadi assume that he is just working on Naira’s dance event. She gets worried for Manish’s business. Dadi dislikes Naira for controlling Kartik. Naira seeks advice from Naitik. Naitik guides her. Naitik thinks of his problem. He couldn’t share the matter with family, since he doesn’t wish to hurt them. Naksh apologizes to Kirti for withdrawing support. He assures her that he will always be on her side to help, but she would have to expertise herself. Aryan learns about Kartik’s planning to impress Manish. Aryan wants to make his own way to reach Manish’s heart.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Sudha and Satrupa have an argument. Sudha curses her while pretending to be blessing her. Satrupa doesn’t deter from her aims. She least cares for Sudha. Sudha teaches her motherhood. Satrupa asks Sudha why did she throw Narottam in Lal Mahal, is this the way a mother sees her own benefit and dumps her child. Sudha asks her not to involve Narottam in their argument. Satrupa warns her against hurting Anami. Sudha tries to win Baldev’s trust. She gets dramatic to get his sympathy. He understands Sudha’s sorrow. She begins to bond with him. Baldev feels she is really concerned for him, unlike Satrupa.


    Ishita tries to know if Raman has realized his feelings for her. Raman denies to love his business partner Ishita. Ishita understands he is just denying, but he really loves her. She wishes to tell him the truth of their relation. Ishita takes care of Simmi. She wishes Simmi changes like before. She tries to know how Simmi is giving the drugs to Raman. She asks Simmi about Ananya’s loss. Simmi doesn’t share anything with her. Raman tells Simmi that Ishita didn’t return with Ashok. He doubts Ishita is hiding something.


    Shivay assures Anika that he will protect himself and entire family, no matter what happens. He calms her fears. Shwetlana tells Veer that Shivay’s brothers are his weakness, while Anika is his biggest strength. She wants to plot something big. Veer asks her to share the plan. Shwetlana shares her perfect plan to separate Shivay and Anika. Dadi brings happiness in Lohri celebration. Everyone enjoys the Lohri song. Dadi tells them the rituals and significance. They like Dadi’s presence and guidance. Dadi gets happy when her bahus value her so much. Dadi succeeds in explaining them the importance of elders.


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