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Naamkarann: Neil makes Ballu too drunk. He acts loyal and wins Ballu’s trust. He then instigates Ballu to reveal about Neela and Mishti’s location. Ballu takes him to the secret place. Neil ties him up and does arrangements to run away with Neela and Mishti. Vidyut stops Neela and Mishti. He says you have saved Mishti from my cage, you wanted to take her away, but this won’t happen. He asks Mishti does she not love her dad. Neela tells him that he doesn’t deserve to be called a dad. Neil reaches there and beats up Vidyut. Vidyut asks his men not to come in between. Vidyut and Neil’s fight goes on. Vidyut’s men beat up Neil.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya’s mehendi ceremony gets both families involved. Kesar Mahal members are also happy for Diya’s new beginning. Ratan loses confidence after Abhay plays a prank on him. Ratan gets concerned for Diya. He doesn’t want Abhay to hurt Diya. He doubts that Abhay is up to something. He wants Abhay and Diya to happily marry. Diya gets Abhay’s mehendi in her hands. Ratan asks the wedding planner Tanvi to dress a beautiful dress for Diya’s marriage. He wants Diya to get a pretty makeover, so that Abhay gets pleased.


Harman and Preeto learn Soumya is getting threatened by Maharani. They ask Soumya why did she not tell them, if she told them the truth, this would have not happened. Soumya tells them that Mohini has teamed up with Maharani. Harman tells Soumya that Rani is missing. Preeto asks him how does Maharani know about Harak’s condition for Soumya. Harman asks Soumya to understand the big game played against her, someone is trying to take revenge. Preeto asks Harman what will he do now. Soumya didn’t wish to involve Harman in the problem. She apologizes for hiding the matter.


Kartik gets defamed by someone’s planning. Kartik loses his presentation. Manish gets upset with him. Aryan asks Manish to see if Kartik is really capable to manage work or not. Someone wants Kartik to remain a henpecked husband. Naira and Kartik face a big trouble. Manish’s terms with Kartik get spoiled. Kartik tells Manish that he had worked hard and prepared the presentation for the clients. He finds the file missing and lands in an embarrassing moment. The family learns that Kartik just holds Naira’s dance academy files. He tells Manish that he had checked everything well, he doesn’t know how did this happen. The clients land at home.

Chakor and Suraj are in each other’s memories. Suraj doesn’t want to think about her. He thinks of her and she appears in front of him. He gets happy seeing her. He asks her why did she return to Aazaadgunj. He worries for her safety. He feels Chakor has lied to him and broke his trust. Imli has planted misunderstandings between them. Chakor tries hard to clarify herself. He tells her that this time he won’t lie to Imli and not protect her. She tells him that Imli can’t do anything now, as she is contesting against Imli. Imli and Ranvijay come to meet Suraj. Suraj hides Chakor from them. They have a moment. Suraj starts melting his heart for Chakor.

Tu Aashiqui:
Before the engagement, Pankti and Ahaan have cute moments. The family teases the lovers. Pankti was worried that something will happen and spoil her happiness, as her fate doesn’t have everything written well. Ahaan comforts her fears. After the drama plotted by Anita, Ahaan doesn’t want Pankti to leave from his house. Anita tells Ahaan that Pankti is her property and she will take him. Ahaan gets in between. He tells Anita that she has no right on Pankti now. Ahaan gets engaged with Pankti.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth and Teni reach Nainital to find Shorvori. They miss to see Shorvori in the market. Parth and Shorvori have a hit and miss. Teni takes care of the baby. Parth gets too eager to meet Shorvori. He gets her photo to ask people and trace her.

Meri Durga:
Sanjay takes a disguise to know Gayatri’s truth. He wants to know if Durga was right about his parents. He turns into a Saint. He bribes the doctors and prove to the family that he has lost his mental balance. He seeks help from his brother, who executes his planning. Sanjay wants to reach to the roots of the matter. He says if Gayatri is wrong about Durga, then he has to know if everything done by his parents is wrong. He decides to support the truth. He believes that Gayatri and Durga truly love him, and now when he puts himself in trouble, they both will keep their truth in front of him. He says the one who speaks out the truth to save my life will be most truthful for me.


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