Rehaan to divert Ahana’s suicidal tendency in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana cries for Anant, while Rehaan keeps thinking of Ahana. Rehaan’s mind gets too occupied, worrying for Ahana’s life. Roshni gives the good news to Rehaan. She tells him that Anant didn’t miss Ahana, he has moved on in life. Rehaan asks her what does she mean to say. Roshni tells him that Anant had signed the divorce papers, but he has torn the papers, maybe he is in dilemma. She wants to separate Anant and Ahana forever. Rehaan feels bad for Ahana. Roshni finds Ahana too selfish. She doesn’t know about Ahana’s depression. Rehaan scolds Roshni for troubling Ahana. Ahana gets to hear Rehaan and Roshni’s conversation. She gets upset knowing Anant has signed the divorce papers.

Ahana loses all the hope in her life. She doesn’t want to live anymore. She decides a step to end her life. Rehaan hides the matter from Ahana. She asks him about his friend’s project. Rehaan lies to her. He tells Ahana that his friend is really strange, he missed the flight. He asks Ahana to come with him for a city tour. He tries to cheer her up and lessen some pain. Rehaan convinces her for an outing. Finding her upset, he gets too dramatic. He gets hilarious. Ahana gives in to his madness and smiles.

Ahana then breaks out her sorrow to him. She tells him that she has no family, Anant left her and didn’t think of their marriage. She feels sorry for her life, who has no one loving her. Rehaan asks her to live for his sake. Ahana gets aback by his sudden emotional outburst. Rehaan apologizes to her. He tells her that life isn’t so mean that one ends life. He can’t see her dying with sorrow. He fears to share his feelings with her. Ahana asks him to share the matter bothering him. She finds him in pain too. She promises to become his best friend and hide his secrets. Rehaan shares his life’s blunders. Ahana supports Rehaan.



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