Kartik’s negligence to upset Goenkas in Yeh Rishta..

Manish rebukes Kartik for divorce party

Manish apologizes to Naitik. He feels Naira has handled the matter with much maturity, but he didn’t do his duty to protect her esteem. He feels he has done wrong to witness Dadi’s wrong doings and stay silent. He asks Naitik and Naira to forgive him and his family. He asks Naitik to punish them if he wants. Naitik asks Manish for an assurance that they won’t do wrong with Naira. Manish promises to look after Naira. Naitik tells Dadi that he won’t tolerate any injustice done with Naira. Dadi surprises all by apologizing to Naitik and Naira. She tells them that she has done a mistake by not understanding Naira.

Naitik succeeds to protect Naira from family tensions. Naira relieves Naitik’s stress. Naitik tells Naira that he can’t rely on her now, as she didn’t reveal any matter to him. He asks her to fight against injustice, to fight for her rights. She tells him that she wanted to support the family, she couldn’t fight with her own family.

She tells how Kartik has supported her throughout. She shows a big heart by forgiving Dadi. She asks Naitik to forgive Goenkas and forget the matter. Naitik blesses her and sees Akshara’s values in her.

Kartik gets the good news that the clients accepted his presentation. He surprises Manish and Akhilesh with his hard work. Naira tells them about Kartik working all night for pleasing Manish.

Naitik tells Kirti that some people misused his absence, but he has set everything fine now. He cheers up Kirti by cooking up sweets for her. Naitik wishes Kirti for her boutique work. Naksh supports Kirti. They have a cute moment. He takes care of her when she neglects her health. He assures that he will always be with her.

Naira helps Kartik prepare for the presentation. Kartik tells Manish that clients are coming home. He looks for his presentation, which shocking goes missing.

Clients arrive home. Aryan wishes his plan to work. Kartik tells Manish that his presentation files are missing. They get to see Naira’s dance academy files and turn upset. Naira asks Kartik how could this happen, when he has saved everything well. Kartik doesn’t understand how did this blunder happen. Manish reprimands Kartik and Naira for their sheer negligence. Aryan acts a savior for Manish. He tells them that he has also prepared a presentation. He wants a chance from Manish. Manish agrees to give Aryan a chance. Aryan wins their hearts by naming Kartik’s presentation as their own.


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