Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Adhiraj to part ways with duty and honor


Anami and Adhiraj plan a meet. They both feel the new love stepping in their hearts. They happily get ready and look forward to meet. Poonam tells Anami that Adhiraj has called, he is coming to meet her. Anami grooms herself. Adhiraj arrives at Lal Mahal. Satrupa stops Adhiraj from entering Lal Mahal. She scolds him for helping Anami flee. Adhiraj denies the blames. Satrupa forces her allegations on him. He defends himself. He tells her that he was just protecting Anami, as her family’s life was in danger.

Satrupa understands his dreams. She warns him against dreaming about Anami. He tells her that he has done his duty towards his friend and he knows who is truthful and concerned for Anami. Satrupa asks him to leave. Adhiraj remarks that he can see a lost mother in her. Satrupa loses her temper and slaps him. Adhiraj silently leaves. Anami waits for Adhiraj. She doesn’t know about Satrupa and Adhiraj’s verbal spat. Anami hides her happiness from everyone. Poonam likes Anami’s happiness. She asks Anami to stay happy and cheerful like before. Anami believes nothing will be same from now on.

Adhiraj learns Satrupa has complaint against him. His seniors summon him. Adhiraj finds some charges against him. Satrupa accuses him for helping a minor escape. Adhiraj gets suspended. He accepts the punishment, since he had to protect Anami. Satrupa doesn’t want Anami to have friends. She wants to keep strangers away. She feels she is sufficient to become Anami’s friend. She hides about Adhiraj’s insult from Anami.

Anami gets restless to know about Adhiraj. Adhiraj falls in trouble. He fails to prove that he has not misused his powers. Senior asks Adhiraj to talk to enquiry committee and defend himself if he can. Adhiraj parts away with his duty and honor. Adhiraj hides the matter from Anami. Satrupa tries to bond with Anami. Anami refuses to go college. She drops her studies. She decides to join Royal Steels and help Dada ji.


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