Maharani to target Singh Family in Shakti

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Soumya gets threatening note by Maharani. She reads that she will be facing her enemy at night. Soumya worries. Mohini tells Maharani that Soumya is doubting on her. Maharani tells her that her plan is close towards the final point, she would be meeting Soumya face-to-face. Maharani calls her goon home. The goon enters the house on pretext of pest control. He hands over a gun to Maharani. Maharani’s truth comes out in front of everyone. She holds Soumya and Preeto captive at gun point.

Maharani asks Preeto to protect Soumya as much as she can, but she can’t do anything. She says I will defame your family by targeting Harak Singh. She threatens to reveal to the villagers that Soumya is a kinner.

Maharani wants to get humiliation for Soumya. She asks Soumya why did she hide this secret if she was willing to tell her truth to everyone. She says Soumya will know the pain when family gets hurt because of her. Preeto gets a chance and snatches the gun from Maharani. She threatens to shoot Maharani. Harman stops Preeto from doing a crime. He says I will handle this, just give me the gun. Preeto says I will kill Maharani. Maharani does a lot of drama. Maharani pushes Preeto and flees from the house.


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