Piyush’s Sholay drama for Avni stuns all in Sasural Simar Ka


Avni feeds the medicines to Piyush. She looks after him. Avni and Piyush are fond of each other. She asks him will he feel good if she stays with him in his house. He tells her that he will be very happy, but can this happen, if she can stay with him. She says it will happen only if Simar wants, Simar doesn’t want us to be together, she has asked me to get away from you. Piyush feels Simar is bad. He says I told her that I want you here. She says there is a way by which I can stay here. He asks her to share the idea, he can do anything.

He says Simar is stupid, she won’t know anything, I won’t let you go. Piyush is ready to jump down the terrace and prove his friendship for Avni. He praises Avni and stays with her all the time. He finds her an angel. Simar gets a big shock when Piyush threatens to jump down and die. The family asks Piyush to come down.

Piyush asks Simar to allow Avni to live with them. Simar tries to explain him. Avni asks Piyush to come down for her sake. Piyush asks her to tell his family to allow her in the house. Avni too worries for his life. Piyush listens to her and gets down. Piyush is mentally childish. He doesn’t understand Simar’s concern. Piyush tells Avni that he was just acting, he wasn’t jumping down. Elsewhere, Sanjana suffers after a miscarriage. Bhairavi blames Sanjana for her carelessness. She calls a tantric for puja. Sanjana gets angry on him and beats him up. She makes the tantric leave. Bhairavi insults Sanjana with her harsh words.


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