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Dil Se Dil Tak: Shorvori begins her new life at the music school. Parth and Teni look for her in Nainital. Shorvori and Parth reach close, but fail to meet. Parth reaches a cafe where Shorvori visits frequently. He waits for his fate to bring Shorvori back. Shorvori doesn’t appear in front of him. He gets sad as he is not able to find and help Shorvori. He has many questions arising in his heart. He knows all the questions will be answered when he meets Shorvori. Teni encourages Parth to not lose courage while their search for Shorvori goes on.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira tries to get close to Vijay. The double date ends up with a tragedy. When Vijay refuses to reveal the truth, Mandira gets angered. Vijay goes for a boat trip with Bulbul. Mandira gets jealous and gears up the boat before Bulbul settles in. Bulbul falls in the waters and begins to drown. Bijay worries for her life and jumps in the lake to save her. Vijay rescues Bulbul. Vijay plans a honeymoon with Bulbul. He gets a big shock when he sees Bulbul wearing western outfit. He tells Bulbul that he doesn’t want her to change.


Raman anxiously waits for Ishita. Bhallas plan a Lohri function. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad when her husband gifts her a beautiful necklace. She shows off her necklace to everyone and tells them that her husband loves her a lot. She asks Romi about dhol group. Romi tells them that they will play dhol and dance after the puja. Shagun asks them if there is any mahurat. The elders allow them to dance and enjoy. Shagun dances with everyone. She diverts their attention. Shagun asks Raman is he waiting for someone. Raman says someone is going to come. Ishita gets ready to meet Raman and fulfill his wish.


Maharani holds Singh family captive. She tries to scare them. Soumya explains Chintu to run to his room. He refuses to leave his family in danger. Soumya begs Maharani not to do anything to him. Maharani dances and makes fun of Soumya’s helplessness.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Rahul doesn’t want anyone’s lives to fall in trouble. He worries for Manish, who went missing. Someone’s dead body is found in the temple. This becomes another mystery to crack for Rahul. He doesn’t know who is playing with villagers’ lives, but he is sure to catch the culprit. Lakhan pleads to Kaal Bhairav for forgiving him for his mistake to lock Gauri inside the temple with a bad intention to kill her. He worries when the Kaal Bhairav idol cries blood. Aditya takes his friends to the temple and tells them its beliefs. Gauri senses everything seen in her dream is turning true. She tries to save Rahul from an upcoming danger.

Obros and Oberoi bahus enjoy a kite flying competition. They show tashan to their competitors. Gauri tells the servants to look after all the guests well, as they are new here and have to maintain their family standards. Gauri manages the arrangements. She doesn’t know the guests well. She doesn’t want anyone to complain. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra fly a kite and celebrate Makar Sankranti festival. Dadi invites the neighbors for the festival. Omkara asks Shivay whose idea was it. Shivay says its not my idea. Rudra tells Omkara about the competition planned by Dadi.

Laado 2:

Rantej crosses the limits. He wants Anushka to serve him food. Anushka refuses to serve him food and asks him to take food himself. Anushka doesn’t tolerate Rantej’s misbehavior. Rantej asks Anushka to feed him food. He laughs on her. She throws the rice over his face to give him an answer. The family witnesses Rantej and Anushka’s argument. Tai ji reminds Amma ji’s crimes to her. She asks Anushka won’t she repent for Amma ji’s crimes, they will not bear her tantrums. Yuvraaj reaches there. Tai ji acts innocent and complains about Anushka. She asks him to see Rantej’s state, his face got burnt by hot food. Yuvraaj gets angry on Anushka. He doesn’t learn the actual happening. He asks Anushka to control her anger, she can’t punish her innocent brother. Anushka calls him blind.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil challenges Vedika for a panipuri competition. She refuses at first and then accepts the challenge on his insistence. They have lots of panipuri. Sahil gives up after eating few panipuris. He finds it too spicy and loses the competition. Vedika gives him water. She finds him kiddish. Sahil surprises Vedika by a birthday celebration at night. Vedika gets happy when her mum and daughter wish her. Vedika then surprises Sahil by getting a cake for him. She tells him that she knows its his birthday too. They both cut the cake and celebrate their birthday.


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