Susheel to counter Leela’s demands in Ikyawann


Leela demands a hefty dowry for accepting Susheel. She asks Susheel’s family to give her precious things that fill a pot of Susheel’s height. Susheel and her family worry for fulfilling Leela’s demand. Leela gets surprised when Susheel’s family get the huge pot to her house to give dowry, and Susheel pops out of the pot. Susheel tells Leela that she is the most precious one for her family. She voids Leela’s demands by her smartness. Susheel has her family on her side.

Satya tells Leela that Susheel has fulfilled the ritual and shagun. Susheel doesn’t let her family spend much. She has made the plan with her family to get into the pot instead the costly things. Susheel’s sensibility get praised by everyone. Leela doesn’t find it well. Leela creates a scene. Dada ji apologizes to Leela. He defends Susheel. Leela does a drama to show Satya.

Susheel tells Leela that she didn’t wish to insult anyone, she just had a different thinking and wanted to show them that a daughter is most precious for parents, than jewelry and money. She tells them that she didn’t wish to hurt Leela’s sentiments, she just conveyed her message by her doing. Leela hugs Susheel and praises Susheel’s high thinking. She accepts Susheel. Leela takes Susheel for next rituals.

Satya is not happy, as he has learnt that Susheel is marrying him for money. He got to know how Mehul cheated Kiran, which led Kiran to lose her mental balance. Satya is planning to break the marriage and take revenge for Kiran and Leela’s sake. He doesn’t forgive Mehul and Susheel. He is in a different situation. He has to break Susheel’s heart. The enmity between both the families will begin again.


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