Anushka to witness Amma ji’s end in Laado 2


Amma ji wanted to kill Rantej and his friends. She goes missing. Anushka and Yuvraaj go to search for her. They have a moment, when Yuvraaj saves her from a falling wooden board. Anushka sees love in his eyes. They look for Amma ji at many places. They don’t find Amma ji. Anushka doesn’t want Rantej to get killed by Amma ji. She wants to stop Amma ji from committing another crime. Yuvraaj cares for Anushka and apologizes to her. Saroja calls them and asks them to find Amma ji soon.

Yuvraaj wants to tell Anushka that he loves her. He genuinely feels sorry to trouble Anushka. Rantej kills Amma ji. He tells Anushka that he has buried Amma ji in the land where she once ruled. He asks Anushka to find Amma ji’s dead body if she could. Anushka sheds tears for Amma ji’s death. Amma ji’s life journey ends, while Anushka dons Amma ji’s avatar to get justice by walking on Amma ji’s path. Anushka wants to prove women power to the dominating men of Veerpur. She doesn’t want to spare Balwant and Rantej.


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