Udaan: Chakor to ploy a suicide drama


Imli will become the target of Ranvijay’s anger. She tolerates his frustration as she has done a mistake. He tells her that Suraj is a cheater and they should believe Suraj again. He asks Imli why did she believe when he alerted her against Suraj. He blames her for all the overconfident blunders. He says Suraj should have killed Chakor, but Suraj has helped Chakor flee. He gets informed about Suraj and Chakor’s togetherness. He tells Imli that they should kill Suraj and Chakor. He says I have told you Chakor is lying, my words are proved true, Suraj has let Chakor go, Chakor didn’t beat him. He says Suraj is a disloyal person, but she didn’t get convinced. He always had a doubt on Suraj. Imli doesn’t show that she also some doubt on Suraj. Ranvijay and Imli have an ego clash.

He asks her to promise, she won’t come in between when he kills Suraj. He says if Suraj is really at fault, if this news is true, then Suraj will not see tomorrow’s morning. Imli states Suraj is loyal to her, he can never cheat her. She asks Ranvijay to clear her doubts.

On the other hand, Chakor does a suicide drama to help Suraj regain his memory. Kasturi is upset with Chakor. She asks Chakor why did she jump in the lake, could she not think of her parents once. She says we love you so much, but you always risk your life. She is worried for Chakor’s safety. Kasturi dries Chakor’s hair. Kasturi says both my daughters are out of my control. Bhuvan says there is no way to explain Chakor, we will lock Chakor inside the room, her madness to help Suraj will not end. Chakor says I have jumped in the lake to get back Suraj’s memory.

Chagan says I got this mobile at the lakeside, someone has called Ranvijay by it. He says someone is spying on you and Suraj. Chakor says if Ranvijay can send a spy after me, my spy can also go to the haveli and get news for me. She asks Chagan and Pakhi to enter the haveli in disguise. Chakor doesn’t want Imli to know anything about her plans.


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