A turn of events to frustrate Ahana in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan finds Roshni angry at the happenings. Rehaan asks Roshni how did this happen that Laila is staying with them. He asks what made Anant decide this. Roshni gets anger out of Rehaan. She recalls how Anant has chosen to fulfill his responsibility towards Ahana, by making Laila stay with them. Roshni opposes Ahana, while Anant reprimands her for spoiling Ahana and his relation. Anant clears to Roshni that he wants to make his relation with Ahana better. He understands Roshni’s dislike growing for Ahana. Laila gets Ahana’s attention, love and care.

She asks Ahana the reason behind aborting her child. She tells Ahana that its a big mistake, the child would have made Anant and her relation strong. Ahana gets upset with whatever happened before. Rehaan apologizes to her. Ahana tells him that he has done everything to give her a reason to live and she isn’t sorry like him. Anant tries to revive his relation with Ahana. He apologizes to her.

Anant turns into a loving and caring husband again. He depends on Ahana emotionally. He promises to put efforts to change their relation like before. Ahana doesn’t believe Anant. She tells Anant that he has hurt her a lot, and now she can’t forgive him with ease. Ahana stays annoyed with Anant. Rehaan feels Ahana is getting her deserved place in Anant’s life. He wishes the best for her. Rehaan tries to clarify again. He asks Ahana to forget whatever happened between them and not feel responsible.

Rehaan suffers from high fever. Anant cares for him. Ahana gets thinking of Rehaan. She starts avoiding him. Laila asks Ahana about her friendship with Rehaan. She tries to figure out if there is anything. Ahana doesn’t bother about sick Rehaan. Laila asks Ahana why didn’t she go to check on Rehaan’s health. Ahana gives her own reasons. Rehaan realizes Ahana doesn’t care for him. Rehaan tells Anant about Ahana’s suicidal tendency. Anant can’t believe Ahana’s extreme side. Ahana learns Rehaan’s love for her.


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