Parth gets dejected over his search results in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Teni visit the cafe again. They hope to find Shorvori. The cafe owner tells them that they missed Shorvori again, she has left in a hurry and left her shopping bags here. Parth and Teni see the clothes and find the store. Teni says we should go to this store and ask about Shorvori. They find a girl there, who resembles Shorvori. Parth gets dejected when the cafe owner confirms that about the other girl instead Shorvori. He apologizes to Parth and Teni, and says he was just telling them about this girl.

He finds the girl similar to Shorvori. Parth tells him that Shorvori is different. He loses hope that Shorvori is alive. Teni says it maybe a misunderstanding. The girl says this woman is really like me, anyone will see this picture and relate to me. Cafe owner apologizes to Parth for misleading him and giving him wrong hope. Parth’s trust starts breaking.


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