Susheel’s belief in Satya to get tested in Ikyawann


Leela feels Susheel has no quality to become a perfect bride. She laughs on Susheel’s mannerisms. Susheel tells her family that Satya has fallen in love with her simplicity and true heart, she doesn’t care if she doesn’t appear like a perfect bride. While Susheel shows her belief in Satya, he has wicked plans to abandon her and take revenge. Leela wants Susheel to suffer, so that she can take revenge from Mehul. Satya plans to break the marriage.

Leela too plans a big drama. Satya and Susheel experience a new phase, while the families celebrate their sangeet. Susheel is happy seeing seeing family’s happiness. Mehul dances with Satya and Susheel. Satya’s smile vanishes. He feels burdened by their smiling faces. Leela plots a new game with her aide. Satya too helps Leela. He wants to upset Susheel by something shocking. Leela wants to attack Mehul and break Susheel’s strength.


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