Tej to play the cards cunningly once again in Ishqbaaz


Shivay gets united with Tej again. Tej plays a drama to apologize to Shivay for his mistakes. Shivay forgives Tej and wishes to make a new start. Omkara and Rudra doubt on Tej’s intentions. Omkara doesn’t let Shivay make any promise to Tej again. Anika learns Tej’s secret which shocks her. She gets to know that Tej mocked a heart attack to throw out Shivay from Oberoi mansion. Shivay already knew Tej’s truth, but has hidden it from Anika. She asks Tej not to let the family break. Shivay asks Anika not to worry, they will keep the family united.

Tej and Shivay have an argument. Anika too requests Tej to forgive them and accept them back in the family. Tej refuses to them. Tej doesn’t want his sons to stay with Shivay. Tej vents out anger on Shivay. He says I was apologizing to my sons, even then they have chosen you, I had to do this heart attack drama just to win my sons. He blames Shivay for everything.

Shivay takes a decision to send his brothers back, as the family needs them. He wants the betterment for family. Shivay hugs his brothers and experiences a burst of emotions. Anika too shares Shivay’s pain. Shivay is going to get separated from Omkara and Rudra again. Anika hides Tej’s truth from Omkara and Rudra. Shivay hopes Oberoi family will unite again.


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