Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Laado 2: Amma ji fools Yuvraaj by using Anushka and Chumki. Anushka tells Yuvraaj that Rantej has kidnapped Chumki. He doesn’t find Chumki. He then learns that Amma ji has kidnapped his brothers. Tai ji worries that she will lose her sons and even her husband. She tells Yuvraaj that Balwant has gone to save her sons. Yuvraaj gets furious on Anushka for misleading him. He doubts Anushka is supporting Amma ji in her revenge. He worries for his family. Yuvraaj scolds Anushka for betraying him. He understands Amma ji’s game.



Harman points a gun at Mohini. He asks her to leave from his house. He confronts Mohini for supporting Maharani. He doubts that Mohini has also laid a trap for Soumya. Mohini learns her sister is in danger. He tells her that he will come along and know if she is saying truth. They find a woman tied up at the said address and get her released. Mohini succeeds to fool Singh family. Harman wants to connect the links which are related to Maharani. Maharani has died, but he wants to assure that the danger is completely over. Mohini tells Harman that she is not harming the family. Harman makes Soumya swear that she will never hide things from him, as things will just get complicated by her secrecy. Soumya promises to share every good and bad chapter of her life with him.

Tu Aashiqui:

JD and Anita are spoiling Ahaan and Pankti’s decision. Anita has revealed Pankti’s truth, which matters to Manav. Manav doesn’t want to accept Pankti as his bahu. Pankti cooks breakfast for the family. She greets Manav, but he doesn’t let her serve food to him. Ahaan takes a stand for Pankti. He tells Pankti that he will always support her, which disappoints Manav. Aparna worries for Manav and Ahaan’s relation getting worse again.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Avni has promised Simar that she will take Piyush to the temple. She gets late and worries. She tells her mum that she has got much late, she wants to impress Simar. Avni’s mum wants to rob Bharadwaj house and is using Avni to win the family’s trust. Avni knows Piyush is Simar’s weakness. She follows her mum and acts sweet to the family. Avni and her mum plan to reap benefits from Piyush’s family. They have no interest to visit the temple by waking up early. They still plan to take Piyush for the aarti to keep Simar’s belief in Mata Rani.


Chakor plays another drama to commit suicide. She is trying her best to revive Suraj’s memories. She has failed in her first attempt when she jumped down the cliff to remind him their past. Suraj didn’t recall anything. Suraj tells her that he is fed up with her drama. He makes the rope noose and asks her to go ahead. She asks him to help her in her suicide plan. Suraj asks her to just get lost. Pakhi scolds Suraj. She asks him how can he send Chakor to die, everyone knows he wants Chakor to die soon, his hatred is much intense. Suraj realizes Chakor is really committing suicide. He rushes to stop Chakor. He sees Chakor fine and asks her did she get save again. He taunts her. She asks him to end his slavery and accept her love. They both have an argument.


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