A happy beginning for Neil-Avni in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni’s sweet moments will be seen again. They all celebrate happiness after Avni returns home after six months. The family pampers Avni. They treat her like a princess. They enjoy the family time. Shweta gives a task to Neil. She asks Neil to make Avni laugh, cook food for her and emotionally content her. Neil praises Avni and makes her happy. Avni gets emotional with the family’s love. Neil gets a cute gift for Avni. Neil struggles to make food. Prakash helps him. They mess up the kitchen.

Bebe asks Prakash not to help Neil, as its Neil’s task. Neil spoils the flour by extra water. He burns the dish as well. Prakash asks Neil to maintain his cool and cook with love. He gives some tips to Neil before leaving. Mishti spies on Neil. She asks Neil not to do cheating. Neil prepares food for her with much difficulty. She tastes the food and compliments Neil. Neil wins the task. He brings a smile on Avni’s face. Neela gets happy that Neil and Avni united forever. She wishes Vidyut doesn’t create a trouble for them again.

Neil and Avni romance. Neil gets flirting. She asks him how can he talk so cheap when he is a policeman. He asks her to see his surprise first. They have a cute love confession moment. She thanks him for doing a big favor on her, after all he has added all the hatred in her heart. Neil wants to spend time with her. Avni goes on Shweta’s call. Neil feels his family always spoils his romance.


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