Neil plays a master trick to get justice in Naamkarann


Neil gets clues about Avni’s presence in the jail. He senses the high probability of Avni’s life falling in danger. He tells DD that Avni is close to him, and he can senses she is in deep trouble. He sends his team to look out for Avni everywhere. He then gets to see the newly built wall. He finds it strange and gets suspicious. He breaks the wall and finds Avni inside. Neil saves Avni’s life. He apologizes to leave her alone and unprotected. He vows to always support her and give her happiness. He rushes Avni to the hospital. Neil’s true love saves her life.

He feels terrible to let Avni fall in this trouble. Neil thanks Sunehri for guiding him. The prisoners ask Neil to take Avni with him, since Avni never did any wrong with them. Neil thinks Avni is innocent and still facing this worse day because of his mistake. He confronts the jailer for hiding Ragini Pandit’s plans. Jailer gets suspended. Vidyut goes in search for Avni.

Ragini Pandit gets angered knowing Vidyut’s madness growing for Avni. She wants to kill Avni and end Vidyut’s weakness forever. Vidyut gets to hear her and asks her what is she planning against Avni. Neil keeps an eye on Vidyut. He wants Vidyut to get against his mum. He uses Vidyut’s obsession against him. Vidyut tells them that he loves Avni a lot. Neil interrogates Ragini Pandit and Vidyut separately to break their trust. He wants them to accept their crimes. He tells Vidyut that Ragini Pandit buried Avni behind the wall in an attempt to murder her. He reveals the truth, which shocks Vidyut. He asks Vidyut to open his eyes and know his mum’s truth. He tells Vidyut that he has saved Avni and promises to ruin them soon. Ragini Pandit pleads innocence. She tells Vidyut that she didn’t hurt Avni. Neil tries to break them.

Ragini Pandit is sure that Vidyut can’t go against her. She tells Neil that her son will always be loyal to her. Neil challenges her. He tells her that Vidyut can do anything for Avni and now Avni will be the one who will break them. She stays firm when Neil hits his questions.

Neil then instigates Vidyut against his mum. He asks Vidyut how will he get Avni, when his mum has decided something else. Vidyut shows his belief in his mum. Neil tells Vidyut that Ragini Pandit has given enough evidence against his big crime, that he has killed his father in childhood. Vidyut gets a big shock on knowing this. He falls in Neil’s trap, since just his mum knew this truth. Neil succeeds in breaking Vidyut and Ragini Pandit’s unity. Vidyut blurts out Avni’s innocence. Neil proves Avni innocent from all the allegations and decides to take her home.

Doctor tells the family that Avni has survived over a critical state. The family gets relieved. Avni doesn’t want to go jail back. She has hope that Neil will make everything fine. She tells Neela that very soon they will get a wishful life. She knows Neil will fulfill her dream and take her home.


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