Manav gets dispirited over Ahaan-Pankti’s relation


JD and Anita are spoiling Ahaan and Pankti’s decision. Anita has revealed Pankti’s truth, which matters to Manav. Manav doesn’t want to accept Pankti as his bahu. Pankti cooks breakfast for the family. She greets Manav, but he doesn’t let her serve food to him. Ahaan takes a stand for Pankti. He tells Pankti that he will always support her, which disappoints Manav. Aparna worries for Manav and Ahaan’s relation getting worse again.

Pankti feels uncomfortable. She doesn’t want to fall in everyone’s eyes. Ahaan asks Pankti to give her the engagement ring, he will get it resized. Manav stops Ahaan and asks him to stop his normal behavior. Manav scolds Ahaan. He asks Ahaan will he risk his life for Pankti. He wants to discuss things with Ahaan. He is not ready to move on with the happenings.

Ahaan tells Manav that he has moved on and he doesn’t care for Anika’s drunken drama. Manav says much has changed after Anita’s statements. Ahaan tells him that nothing has changed for him, Pankti is his would be wife. Manav can’t digest the truth. Pankti explains Ahaan that he shouldn’t rebel at home. Ahaan wants to do anything to protect Pankti. Pankti doubts that Anita is doing everything on someone’s saying. She thinks to find out if JD is the person planning against Ahaan and her.


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