Pre-wedding functions call for a twist in Ikyawann


Satya and Susheel have a silent disco theme in their sangeet. Susheel likes her dad’s surprise. They all have an emotional performance. Mehul wants to see Susheel happy. Her family wants Satya and Susheel to have a good life. Susheel recalls her childhood and life journey. Satya and Leela see Susheel getting pampered by her family. Leela tries to make Susheel mad. She shows a knife in puja plate to Susheel and then hides it. Susheel tells her dad that someone is fooling her. Leela plays a good drama. Susheel doesn’t get calm. She asks them to believe her.

Susheel dresses in her usual clothes and surprises everyone when they wait for her for the haldi rituals. She tells her family that she doesn’t want to wear feminine clothes at home, when Satya’s family isn’t coming for the ritual. She wears plain clothes to feel comfortable. The family celebrates Susheel’s haldi ritual. Mehul applies haldi to Susheel. They have an emotional moment. Satya’s family too enjoys the haldi function. Satya feels guilty for Kiran’s state. He doesn’t celebrate happiness by heart. He wants to get justice for Kiran. Kiran applies haldi to Satya. She likes the pre-wedding functions.


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