Shakti: Soumya pulls the curtain down on Mohini’s drama

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Harman points a gun at Mohini. He asks her to leave from his house. He confronts Mohini for supporting Maharani. He doubts that Mohini has also laid a trap for Soumya. Mohini learns her sister is in danger. He tells her that he will come along and know if she is saying truth. They find a woman tied up at the said address and get her released. Mohini succeeds to fool Singh family. Harman wants to connect the links which are related to Maharani. Maharani has died, but he wants to assure that the danger is completely over. Mohini tells Harman that she is not harming the family. Harman makes Soumya swear that she will never hide things from him, as things will just get complicated by her secrecy. Soumya promises to share every good and bad chapter of her life with him.

Mohini’s cheat gets known to the family. Soumya exposes Mohini, when the latter was running away with cash and jewelry. Soumya shows the truth to Harak. Harak gets a shock when he sees Mohini eloping with the assets.

Harak throws out Mohini from the house. Mohini tries hard to convince Harak, but her games come to an end. Mohini tries to emotionally blackmail Harak about their child. Soumya reveals to everyone that Mohini has lied about the pregnancy. Harak feels ashamed that he has done much injustice with Preeto. Soumya tries to bring Harak and Preeto together. She makes them perform an aarti puja, hoping that Harak apologizes to Preeto and patches up.


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