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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami exposes Satrupa’s deed. The family vents out anger on Satrupa knowing her bad deed. Satrupa justifies herself. She tells them that she has done this just to protect Anami. Anami tells her that she can’t make new relations by cutting off the old ties. Dada ji, Dadi and Baldev get furious and make Satrupa realize her mistake. Baldev feels he has lost Vatsalya because of her. He doesn’t want to lose Anami. Sudha gets glad that Baldev and family have not supported Satrupa.


    Kartik tries to wrap up the meeting and rush to see Naira’s performance. He gets delayed by the clients’ queries. He doesn’t want to stay back and answer them. Manish senses Kartik’s restlessness. Naira waits for Kartik to come. She wishes he gives his best in the meeting. She prays for Kartik and her success. Kirti tells Naira that Kartik will soon come, he will not miss her dance performance. Dadi too wishes Kartik comes on time, as she doesn’t want Naira’s big day to get spoiled. Naksh misses to see the bulldozer, which could get a big problem for them.


    Neil apologizes to Avni for his rational decision taken without her consent. He tells her that he will always protect her from all the sorrows and mishappening. He doesn’t want Avni to suffer again. Avni forgives him, while Shweta asks Neil to prove his test. She tells him that he has to prove that he truly deserves Avni. She tells the tasks list to Neil. She asks Neil to make Avni happy by his efforts. She tells him the last task, to give a memorable gift to Avni. She asks Neil to stay away from Avni, till he proves himself. Ali tells Neil that he can’t cheat. Avni is sure that Neil will pass all the tests set by Shweta.


    Raman scolds Ishita for playing with his emotions. He asks her how could she hide her identity and make fun of his feelings. He asks Ishita to get out of this house. Pihu tries to stop Raman from throwing Ishita out. She asks Ishita not to leave her. Raman doesn’t believe Ishita and throws her out of the house. He insults her, without knowing the truth. Iyers get disheartened with Ishita’s insult. They don’t want Ishita to face more humiliation by Raman. Ishita fails to protect Raman from Simmi. Simmi warns Ishita to stay away from Raman, else be ready to get arrested. Romi scolds Simmi and Mihika. They have a clash. Raman holds Ishita responsible for his family’s arguments. Ishita threatens to hurt Simmi and ruin her. Simmi doesn’t care of any threatening.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Ahana doesn’t tell Anant about Gupta’s humiliation move. She confides with Rehaan. She tells him how Gupta has humiliated her at the cafe and threatened to ruin her and Laila. Rehaan asks her not to worry about Gupta. He tells her that he will always protect her. Rehaan and Ahana have a sweet moment. Ahana believes him more than Anant. Anant then surprises Ahana with his special gift. He makes her wear the pendant, and promises to always keep their love strong. He tells her that he will make everything fine between them and not compel her to put in efforts. Ahana thanks him.

    Ishqbaaz: Veer finds Shivay staying firm against all odds. He finds a new way to break down Shivay. Veer hires few men to trouble Shivay by targeting his new business. He makes the men burn the construction site. Veer tells Tej that Shivay will face all the major troubles in his life. He wants to snatch everything from Shivay. He makes a plan to snatch Oberoi title from Shivay, which will lead Shivay to sink in miseries. Veer shares his plan with Tej. He decides to destroy Shivay by ruining his wealth. Tej likes his plans. Veer tells Tej that Shivay will himself send away his family when he is left with nothing. Shivay gets a huge shock seeing his business venture burnt to ashes. He doesn’t know who is making his life so challenging. Shivay’s new journey is soon going to begin.


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