Vidyut to strike Neil-Avni’s happiness in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil and Avni get happy to be back in their normal life. Neil fills sindoor in her hairline, which gives her extreme happiness. Avni cries happily. Neil wins the task given by Shweta. Neil manages to please Avni and bring a smile on her face. Neil gives a love test. He gets less marks. Shweta asks Neil what’s this score, did he not learn anything from his family. Neil then gifts some memories to Avni. He passes in the tests. He revives Avni’s memories. Avni likes the gift. Avni gives him full marks. She tells everyone that Neil is the perfect husband. She didn’t feel she would be so lucky to get Neil in her life. Bebe introduces her friend’s son Rocky, who is a professional photographer. They plan to have a family photo session done by Rocky. Neil makes Avni wear the bangles, mangalsutra, ring and sindoor. Avni happily hugs him. The family applauds their union.

Neil and family throw a welcome party for Avni. The family celebrates Avni’s return. Avni is very happy to have her family along. The family dances on their favorite tunes. They have a photo session. Bebe gets upset. She asks everyone to let Neil and Avni stand together, why are they ruining her mood. Neil and Avni stop Bebe and make her smile.

Neil promises to always protect Avni. She is happy to get Avni’s love. Neil wants to give more happiness to Avni. The lights go off during the photo session. Vidyut arrives to spoil the fun. Avni asks everyone not to get scared, Vidyut can’t harm them till they have Neil. She says Neil will not leave Vidyut this time. Neil loses his cool. He tells Vidyut that his family and duty won’t stop him this time. He asks Vidyut to surrender, else he will shoot. He shoots Vidyut and goes to catch him. Someone pushes Neil and helps Vidyut escape. Vidyut promises to get Avni with him. The family worries by Vidyut’s threatening. Neil shoots in darkness, while Neela gets shot. Neil gets blamed for Neela’s injury, while Vidyut is the one who tries to break Avni’s shield. Neil and Avni feel guilty that Neela fell in danger because of them. Avni is much close to Neela. Vidyut understands Neela is Avni’s weakness and attacks her. Will Neil and Avni save Neela? Keep reading.